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23 сентября 2016 г. 05:17

if you buy the $40 pack or the $70 pack on Albion

I see so much more potential in this game than any other game I'm playing right now Elder Scrolls Dark Age of Camelot... the only game on my Horizon is Camelot Unchained other than that this game is by far the best game I have played in many years.


Find two or three good friends work together as a team and you guys will rock it out.


also if you buy the $40 pack or the $70 pack on release day you get Advanced game play and you get all the money back in the game time back so you don't lose nothing.


Also the game is by once and play Forever free Albion Online Silver.. unless you subscribe to premium which is a subscription which I certainly do


Sorry guys standing on a roof with a satellite dish in my hand I'm using the voice recognition on my phone and it's not playing nice


It is known... the current state of gathering is bad. But the direct impact of unlocking a T6 tool and meeting the sea of pancakes is beyond horrible!  :( 


T4 to T5 is bad, T5 to T6 is a pain, but when you grind them you know that you are unlocking your sustained access to better gear, and that makes it Albion Online Items. However, after weeks of grinding a T6 tool, the game just slaps you in the face... with pancakes! Instead of getting any feeling of reward for the investment you made, you just hit empty maps, one after the other. In a time where most players have already left, I roamed for two hours in the deep ice zones, far away from any city, and got 12 units of 6.2 ore! That's with Premium and gathering bonus included. Not 8.2, not even 7.2, but 6.2...!?

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