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9 сентября 2016 г. 05:31

you can still trade without violating Albion

Every account is linked to one specific email address. Multiple registrations, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple accounts at our Services are allowed under certain conditions. Prohibited is the use of multiple accounts when being logged into their respective characters at the same time for the purpose of engaging in such activities as direct interaction, trading, any form of cooperation, mutual support outside the designated player islands, guild islands, player cities or guild owned Albion Online Silver. It is further prohibitited to use multiple accounts at the same time to jointly engage in any type of player vs. player or player vs. environment combat as well as to jointly engage in gathering in the game world. It is the User's responsibility to remain informed about all rules and 


you can still trade without violating the Terms in a red\black city. so there's no need to violate them?

I think negative rep doesn't prohibit you from going into red\black cities (the criminal debuff might, but its only 15min). Please correct me if I'm wrong.


carry loot every time from king/queen islands to black town very tedious; red cities will be closed very quickly, if the intention to deal with ganks

the question remains: what punishment can be expected for a disturbance in the transmission of values between the two characters connect at the same time from one PC ?


as written above it's totally acceptable to trade between your two accounts on your private or guild islands and in cities

so I guess that is meant as a solution. you don't exactly need "in the field" trading to re-gear, right?


to further explain why this rule has been implemented to Buy Albion Online Silver:

one of my mates used to do this in previous beta: gather with one character around a zone, when reaching big weight or finding something too valuable, he dropped all the loot on a "dummy" character with an ox on a second account and then logged the "dummy" off immediately.

later the "dummy" character can travel to a safe\needed location at a safe time or using the help of a friendly scout player.

this kind of behavior is prohibited and bannable.

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