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20 августа 2016 г. 06:52

I can't even meet them in Riders of Icarus Gold

Hello! Before anything else, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section! I've never used a forum but there's a first for everything, am I right (I mean I think it's correct...doesn't seem to fit in any other categories)!


Anyway, as it says in the title, I think it's weird how that's a thing with Riders of Icarus Gold. If you have all three character slots filled in a server, you can't make more in another  


I have friends that switched to another server and I can't even meet them which is such a shame! (P.S I'm sorry if this is already a topic; did some research and didn't find anything about this!) I mean is this a normal occasion in MMOs?


No one should have to leave the game to report cheaters. If Nexon expect us to go to a website to report players, then perhaps we shouldn't report anything. Avoid the problem and don't bother reporting cheaters or gold sellers. Sooner or later Nexon will have to give in and give us a feature to report cheaters ingame. 


Why should we have to do so much tedious work to clean up their game? I'm refusing to report anything until the problem becomes out of control. If Nexon don't care, then neither will I. Simple to get Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. I encourage everyone to do the same until Nexon realize players in their game don't want to do the work for them anymore.


An in-game GM service is like the most basic feature any MMO has. And I shouldn't have to say this, but players leave games if they got a problem and there is no help available.


The only reason a Nexon Developer would Contact you in game is to give you a warning for doing something wrong followed by a lecture. other than that the only good thing would them offering you a job as a GM for their game or the forums.

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