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10 августа 2016 г. 07:32

Stamina system The korean version of Riders of Icarus Gold

PC bunny coins (free) I dont know how they will be called or if they will be unlocked in the Nexon version at all. PC bunny coins are coins that get koreans for free every 10min or smth in their internet caffees. THeres a cat in every big town that offers items for those coins. You can use those coins to buy ROI Gold, limited clothes, boxes with items, lvl 40 starter purple gear (24h) or even mounts for a limited time. But you also get the starter purple gear doing the main quest wich give a purple set for 14 days.


Stamina system The korean version has a stamina system in place for catching familiars (mounts, pets). We didnt have that in the private server.


Coins, coins, coins Gear can be dismantled using dismantler wich can be bought from general merchants. Dismantling blue, heroic and legendary gear can give coins (specific coins). You use those coins to buy armor parts.


Exharain Coin (pvp set) Those coins are optainable only in the pvp map. Every mob drops them. You need those to exchange to get boxes with pvp set armor. The best Weapon weapon need 78 gold coins. For 1 gold coin you need 250 of those coins. Every mob drops them on the map to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. You can also chose a faction there wich gives you pvp buffs for 1h for 1silver (wich is nothing).


Dungeons To unlock a dungeon you must have followed the mainstory wich lead to it. The dungeons has beside the dungeon drops also a coin system. With those coins you can buy at the dungeon entrance treasures wich give armor/wep with random stats. It starts with copper coins and ends on the endgame with gold coins. You can exchange those low lvl coins to higher lvl coins for a certain amount. Dungeons have also different difficulty-mode lvls. On top of that with every new difficuly lvl there are new paths and new bosses unlocked. Those modes, lets say ELITE have also a difficulty slider: starting from easy (0.5% dropchance) to extreme (1.3% dropchance). Last mode is the LEGENDARY mode witch unlocks high end gear. The first dungeon in the game has lvl 40 purple gear set, the next lvl 50 up to lvl 60. There are various sets. For legendary dungeons there is a golden teleporter in main city near the big fountain.


Skytower You can enter skytower for many benefits each day. Every new boss you beat you get to another one with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. The things you want to get there are familiar tame tokens to tame purple familiars with the best buffs. It drops also other various purple stuff. This tower is p2w favored and has a timer starting at 45min. You either die before or the timer runs out. Now good thing about this is that the npc with the skytower coins has bags. You can sell those tokens to that cat wich give special coins to exchange for other items. you need at least 22k attack to make it to 300k points for the good rewards.

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