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4 августа 2016 г. 06:25

I'm just used to seeing decked out GM of Icarus

Never thought this practice was a good idea and this is one of the few games I've seen it in. Just opens the door to a lot of nonsense that can be avoided. Correct me if i'm wrong but the "green" mods can't really do anything (besides 'monitor' the forums) can they Buy Riders of Icarus Gold? only the "orange" mods/gms whatever they are. The ones that actually play for their personal enjoyment should never be mods of any type in the first place place. To my understand, they can close threads that they "don't like" and ban players on the forum? Heck, they could even be a part of the problem helping the "major" guilds w/ their hacks, befriending people, and finding anyway to close threads that might put them in danger etc, etc.


I just think that its so silly that these people are allowed to play fully through the game as a part of the world on a character they create. I dunno, maybe I'm just used to seeing decked out GM's in town w/ fully enchanted glowing gear that come to test the game as their JOB, going around banning bots/hackers and helping the players and tossing some bad jokes in the mix every once in a while.


GMs usually test things on a Test Server. If you see them on an actual Live Server, it's usually for a reason (maybe even bored ha). Forum Moderators I'm sure are more handpicked or chosen Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold (sometimes even applications) to help Players on the Forums when GMs typically don't get the time to (you know how hard it is to handle with tickets when your company acts like it's running as a low-man operation?) 


They don't just ''close threads that 'they don't like'''; their role is to enforce or try to enforce the Forum Guidelines as well as help Players with questions and concerns.


Its always insightful for any game moderator to know the game the level of grind and mechanics currently in play like the missing Somnomicron or whatever in Hakanian's Crossing so they can then either tweak the game or deal with in game issues since they know what the norm is. Any sort of help given illegitimately using GM powers catches the eye of the community very fast and there are going to be a torrent of protests in forums. 


Playing a test server is definitely not what I want the GM's to do due to problems with patch uploads or other issues that come with opening the game to the general community including hackers using some form of lag or speed hacks that messes your FPS when you are close to them which is not seen on private test servers.


Not really a hidden account, they just have that, GM powers. The most popular one really is the command that makes you invisible (the other being a position command as well as able to vaporize most if not all items unless special exceptions). GMs are... NOT really Players LOL. It's strange to say this in the same sentence but they have a job in gaming. Sometimes they do have some free time, and if they want to socialize/play with the community on Live server, then that's fine, but most of the time you won't see a GM running around joining to do Quests or Dungeons or Raids with you or joining Guilds to help level them up or whatever. If you see one, it's because they are there for a reason usually.

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