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19 июля 2016 г. 05:27

Riders of Icarus: Strategy vs. Rena as Guardian

If you have more questions, I'll try to help. I'm very far from an expert, I've only done it once, but I can elaborate more if someone would like. 


I initially didn't have a very high level pet, which was a key part in me getting through. I gave my pet some armour/whatever those pieces are Riders of Icarus Gold, and it helped with taking some dmg and doing some. Most of my error prior was backing up and attempting to heal. Her projectiles don't give a ♥♥♥♥ and just pass through pretty much anything. Therefore retreating to take cover and heal was entirely pointless, especially considering they home in, and you're not going to be able to dodge them, 9 times out of 10. So, I instead used the Chain/Shield Smite/Prevailing Blow to stun her, then following up with two kicks and Rising Truth with Dominant Virtue, get her stunned, heal up, then get the combo going again. Any cooldown times, I pretty much just spammed Justice Slash. It was fairly wash-rinse-repeat at that point. 


I kept the pet on aggressive, so the entire time it was adding to the dmg, (98 DPS, 531 Armor), as well as letting it go in for the first attack so I could get behind and get a good combo out. This slightly stunned her for just a few moments. Which was enough time for some free hits, for both me and my pet. Once she focused me, I stayed inside that little building thing, because (and it might be coincidence, I'm not sure) her little... minion things, whatever those are called, didn't spawn. So I just kept the combo going and used a Lv. 10 potion every time I dropped below half, and once those were out (I only had 2) I followed those up with a bunch of Lv. 5s, which I barely even used (Maybe 2? I had just loaded up on them to craft Lv. 10s, so I had ~30). A lot of the issue, I think, was that I tried being too mobile. Guardian has very stationary moves, and he has no range attacks with Icarus Gold, period. Stay close and keep swinging.


* I used Emberstone set (obviously higher would work)

* Pets are helpful. One around your level with armor would help. 

* Have potions, Lv. 10 or higher (Safe side, bring ~5, just in case.)

* Combo her ♥♥♥; Chain/Shield Smite/Prevailing Blow

* Follow up with Kick(x2)/Rising Truth/Dominant Virtue(Max combo)/Justice Slash(x?)

* Heal if you need to (I did below half health)

* Follow that up with Hakain's Grasp/Sentinel Smash/Bonds of Law

* Repeat Combos

* DON'T RUN! If you leave your weapon's range, you're handing her free hits. Stun her and back up just enough if you need to heal. If you're just doomed anyway, go down fighting.



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