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14 июля 2016 г. 07:23

I guess the key thing of Albion Online

I guess the key thing to realize is that - due to Albionˋs "You are what you wear system" - the actual customization when it comes to your character is determined largely by your Albion Online Gold. This gives you access to hundreds of different active and passive abilities and traits that you can freely combine with each other, leading to thousands of different builds.


The purpose of the destiny board in that context is unlocking the ability to use the items, and then getting bonuses on them. From that point of view, our system is very similar to that in Eve, where the ship(gear) determines what your role is and your skills provide unlocks and bonuses. "Fitting" in Eve would correspond to how you combine gear and what skills and passives you pick.


I dare to disagree on some levels. Yes, if we are going to compare the rule "you are what you wear", Albion is very similar in that regard. However it's like saying a toy car is similar to a real one - yes both are cars obviously but that's Albion Online Items. Similarities end there. It is the same case with eve - albion comparison. Fitting a ship in eve is hundreds times more complex than "fitting" character in albion. I dare to say it is the main reason some people see this game as a shallow one. And you can not say they don't have a point in some way. In eve you literally chose how your defence/attack is going to look like to a single point of hp/shields or whatever.


If eve was going to look like albion you would have to be left with options made with pre-made sets: sets of weapons, sets of shields, sets of boosters etc. And we all know that is not the case, you can put or take every single piece of equipement making it a combination of dozens elements.


I'm completely ok about "you are what you wear" system. It's a great decision for the game.


But I don't see any of "hundreds of different active and passive abilities" except ~5 different skills for each of character types.


And even more – I can't combine skills from different char types (exactly because I can't take 2 different Staffs – in mage's example).


Maybe it will be available somehow on a higher tiers, but I can't see it from the Destiny Board even for T8 "positions".

I've seen for the most powerful weapon there is a choice only between ~3-4 skills, for example.


In whole this thread I'm talking not about the mechanics, rather about number of available options inside this game mechanic albion online gold market. And it seems very poor for me, there is just no ways for character customization.

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