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13 июля 2016 г. 05:41

Riders of Icarus: a lot of already existing grind

It's just extra grind piled on top of a lot of already existing grind. getting a staff with +str x3 is just bad design. gear progression is already slowed by the rng of just getting peices you don't have along with cool-down timers on the dungeons on top of needing to upgrade. getting gear with the best stats is one thing, but getting gear that is essentially trash because of dumb stats is entirely different. if you get a piece and wish to upgrade it you're already going to be salvaging others for stones or selling them to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, making gear with useless stats isn't going to enhance that process at all. also, depending on the class the stats are extremely important, getting an orange with garbage stats is not going to help a wiz at all even if the item is 10 levels better, if it's not a staff the gap is even wider. having the whole set from LLC with proper stats is superior than having frozen gear with mixed stats. the really dumb thing is that because the system is the way it is, people don't even bother with curse gear because they're lvl25 before they can get anything worth having. the cap being 25 just masks that issue, but once the cap is raised more and more the issue will become more and more obvious to more people.


Even if the stats are messed up. It's normally better than the last gear you have you say.


Sorry but no my curent armor + weapon set is filled with +int and + wis all the frozen pieces ive got so far has +str i simply Can not use them since they diminish by a large sum of how i contribute into an instance and as Von said this is a rinse and repeat situation we are not talking about Riders of Icarus Gold situation here all mmorpgs have grind implemented on them But there is the corect grind and the totally useless grind like the one we have here


The defense on the cursed set is better than the lavalight without taking the random stats into account.


It's not like you have to do the dungeons 50 times before you get an item with decent stats on it. There are 5 stats ... not like you will get str on your staff 100 times in a row. You will get that int on that staff pretty quickly.


It's not like you don't have antyhing else to do in a dungeon except getting the items you want and the stats on it.


There is the money you collect, The recipes that drop inside the dungeon, the mount that you can tame inside, the other items you can collect for easy money or dismantling.


Anyway that's my ROI Gold. If you don't like it it's your opinion but don't torture yourself with it if you don't like it. Just stop playing and move one right.

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