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12 июля 2016 г. 05:40

Riders of Icarus: the cap changed from 75 to 85

If you can read or speak Korean, the best pet mmorpg ever made is called Icarus Online. I still have a level 50 or 60 something floating around their servers with u/vanityconcubine Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. It's still quite graphic intensive as well, the only sad thing is is it's never been localized to the US.


The game's ported to NA already, it's under the name of "Riders of Icarus", official port and on the final closed beta stage!(and yeah, it's under Nexon but until now it doesn't have any p2w itens on cash shop atleast) 


No they are not weak, their pets are. They are just there for support, not damage. Don't know much since I quit long long ago (after the cap changed from 75 to 85) (RoR expansion) but still check forums and stuff every now and then because some friends still play.


What's stong or not is really prespective now since every class (except hunter) is god-like compared to what it was before the trees.

In short: I would not recommend LOTRO in any case


The Necromancer class with the help of Riders of Icarus Gold, they get 8 slots to fill in and the different pets they unlock take in 1 or more spots, so you can set up your pet army the way you want 


And Everquest 2 has also got some really fun pet classes like the Coercer which just takes a mob from the zone and charms it into doing your will, or the Illusionist which uses a copy of itself as pet. and then you have Necromancers and Beastmasters as well. They even have 2 healer classes that use pets as support.


I hate to sound all hipster about it but although it was basic, I still feel that vanilla wows hunter had the best pet mechanics. It certainly felt to me that I had the biggest connection with pets there than in any other mmo, and tbh I think that largely is due to the fact that there was such a range of lets you could tame in the game.


If you can stand Chinese, Moonlight Blade has a rather fun puppet master class. You get to command your puppet to move around your Icarus Gold, damaging them as she does, putting her in good positions to use her AoE abilities. It might not be what you're looking for, but I found it quite satisfying.

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