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29 июня 2016 г. 05:41

Tree of Savior: no stopping lower levels to reach higher levels

Token price can be controlled in market. We also have enough silver sink in game to not inflate too much Cheap TOS Silver. In KTOS, silver gains from dungeon runs and etc are so high compared here and token prices are not even x 5. Think about how attributes work on this game and how much is it to refine gears, roll cubes, etc at higher levels. At end game, KTOS players are even struggling finishing end game content with insane gears and attributes. Not to mention they got better balance patches atm. Compare iTOS with steady aim nerf, swordie nerfs, etc.


Silver gains has to buffed here or people are gonna have to slave their lives away to be competitive one way or another regardless of the method. Now, if we also get the world boss cube nerf, how can a casual and even hardcore people catch up since there's less and less ways to gain silver now? This also contributes to veterans not wanting to reroll too many DPS classes because simply of the cost to do so


I think we forget bots aren't always 'bots'.They have affiliates, regular players who work for the bots as well, farming items, and Cheap Tree Of Savior Silver normally and sell to the bots for money. Who then resell back to us at a higher rate. You'll never get rid of 'bots'. We just need means to curb them. 


A game I used ot play implemented a Bomb feature. You can buy bombs from NPC's, these bombs can be attached to a player in the field. The bomb would ask the player a very obvious and easy question( ex.1+1=???) if not answered in 40 seconds the bomb would explode, killing the player/bot.


I seriously dont know why people stuck grinding at demon prison or dina bees for 100k or 300k per hour. We have farming classes that can get 900k per hour. WB is another option if you can find good guild or group of friends.


If your character is killing machine(high level good Tree Of Savior Silver) or support then you better try farming world boss. If your char is more focused on farming like dopple, thauma, alchemist you go farming mats. Double drops is so good, alchemist can make pots.

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