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21 июня 2016 г. 07:07

Albion Crafting Items Rolling Stats

I was thinking about crafting items e.x armors and weapons with diffrent stats beetwen one tier


E.X t4 armor right now have same stats each for armor, resists etc, in my idea crafter would roll stats for item when crafting it. e.x t4 cloth armor would have window beetwen x and y value for armor and crafted values would be rolled from this window, as the crafter would be more experience in crafting that particular line of armors possibility to roll better stats would be bigger.


I think it would make a marketplace even more valuable place to earn Albion Online Silver and power economy in albion. Its also would end this funny idea with rolling item for better quality for bilions in silver and would give ppl opportunity to go and play than spend hours to get good quality items.


They sort of have this already in the form of item quality itself. Higher qualities have better stats and crafters who are adept at crafting something will have a higher chance to get a higher quality through unlocking nodes on the destiny board, or by using crafting points. You see this in the form of "+10 [item] crafting quality" on the destiny board when you are going up in tiers. This can be further helped by spending crafting points, which crafters who are learned have an advantage when using as well. A crafter who has specialized in the Assassin Jacket craft will use less crafting points when making Assassin's jackets than someone who has just started crafting Assassin's Jackets. Salads also add a boost to getting a higher quality when crafting (and to crafting speed).


The problem, I think, is that rerolling exists at all for players who are unable to craft. It does get expensive with higher tiers, but because anyone can do it, and getting to masterpiece is fairly easy, it cuts into the value and feeling of accomplishment when something special is crafted. I know removing it, or restricting it to crafters, has been mentioned numerous times. So far the devs have announced no plans to do so though.


Normal, Excellent, Masterpiece, Epic, and Legendary.


Normal / Excellent / Masterpiece are pretty easy to obtain through simple crafting or rerolling. Gaining Epic and Lgendary however is where you can distinguish yourself. To give you an idea of power difference, a Legendary quality is roughly one entire tier level higher then its Normal / Excellent counterpart.


It would be nice to have some adjustments made to the quality system and rerolling. One idea I thought of was adding in a small chance that the item breaks albion online silver farming. We will have to see how things play out though. Typically Legendary items sell for rediculous sums of money over the others.

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