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20 апреля 2016 г. 08:19

Blade & Soul - "15 year old happy bubble"

I can see why the Gaming Industry is in ruins with posts like these. People just handing over their money for something that should be free. I have been a MMO player for over 15 years and developers have got greedier and greedier because they know mainstream commercial idiots will just hand over their hard earned money..If your paying a Premium its no longer a free to play game and should get basics things to enjoy the game.. You should be ashamed if you feel proud about buying founders pack for a game that was developed over 4 years ago. And are happy because they get free slots BNS Gold. It's really not smart handing over a 125 dollars. this gives them the incentive to be even more greedy. Enjoy your retarded founders pack. You just gave Ncsoft and other deveolpers permission to walk all over Gamers in the future..Whats Next faster latency slots, High textures packs.. Don't feel proud about Destroying the gaming Industry


Yes, we are the idiots. We wasted our money, we made the decision to buy the pack from the greedy people, we're playing a game that's supposed to be "free".


You've been playing for 15 years, but you're still in your "15 year old happy bubble". Pop it, sweetheart. Reality left 5,475 messages on your "Happy Answering Machine" for the last 5,475 days. 


You should stick to your elitist games then. This is a business just like any other industry, they're going to try to make the most money they can out of it. Things change to Buy BNS Gold, whether you like it or agree with it is besides the point. You can adapt like the rest of us, or just not play at all. Either choice is fine, but thinking that a handful of people that are upset the way you are will have their voices heard is extremely naive.


@OP, premium benefits are already good enough. Character slots are cheap and easy to come by. Instead of making 7 low level alts, wasting your time and money on them, you should play free on one character and see if you actually enjoy the game. Then if you really want a few more characters, you should invest a couple of bucks for it. Things are fine as it is. There are far worse cash shops in other games. 

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