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29 марта 2016 г. 06:18

PSA: Why showing bot names on forums is a bad blade and soul idea

To put it plain and simple, alot of botters are also members of the actual community, these people may frequent the forums for this game.


When said botter sees a bot they made show up on the forums in a screenshot/youtube post, they know ahead of time its going to be banned, its basically like an early alert system for the botters.


Now, despite the account getting banned, this early warning gives them time to redistribute the BNS Gold on that bot account to other subsidiary accounts, thus allowing the botter to continue doing their business of gold selling.


It's not name and shame, its kinda just basic logic when you think about it. As to why NCsoft staff are hush about this reasoning, I have no clue. Just remember that when you show bot names on the forums in your screencaps/gifs/videos, your potentially giving an early warning to the bots owner to move all their resources to another account via marketplace/dungeon bids where the Blade And Soul Gold cannot be traced and re-circulated throughout the gold farming/buying community, thus further effecting the ingame economy.


TL;DR use ctrl-x twice before putting bot screenshots on the forums. Your essentially giving them an early warning to prepare to recycle the account by moving the gold, deleting it, then making a new account under the same or a similar name.


Save your shots with names for support tickets... as unhelpful as they may seem.

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