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11 марта 2016 г. 08:45

Blade & Soul: mentality is important

Most players have a loser mentality wherein if something isnt going their way, they give up. This holds especially true to our regions where the most toxic people reside on this planet.


Do I think that factions could be done better? Absolutely. Factions could be locked out far better like Tashigi said. They also shouldnt be presented so early on in the game, the choice for factions should be given at the end of Chapter 17 (or 15, I dont remember right), not before that (not to mention it makes no fucking sense story-wise). Faction should also be filled based on amount of people in it and not at the time of day. That being said, I dont believe providing incentives for the losing faction would do much of Blade And Soul Gold. People would still have the same mentality and would still migrate to the other faction in droves because of a perceived benefit or lack thereof in their current faction. All this would do is have a criss-cross effect where people switch to one faction for a period of time, lose those benefits and switch back to the other. At least, until Silverfrost comes out and faction ranks begin to matter.


I would much rather prefer something different than incentives to join the losing side: a maximum amount of people of a certain faction per channel (ex: xxx blues and xxx reds). This gives both sides equal opportunity to zerg the other during faction objectives as well during PvP not to mention it lessens strain on computers and allows more people to participate in these objectives. 


Who the fuck designs a system that only monitors for those who are currently online, when deciding which faction is most full? It should have been more than obvious that people would wait until late hours to choose the dominant faction on each server. 

Yes, these zerg mentality players are part of the problem. Yes, the clan system is fucked up as once again, NCSOFT decided to tag faction labels to the clan, too.


They should make it so the lower faction is given benefits to encourage others to move and they should also make it so it's monitored on a weekly or monthly basis, not leave it to a broken automated system to do it for them, based on who's online at the time.


Have someone scan the week or month for player activity and then make it so people can't choose the full faction, regardless of time of day, until it is balanced.

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