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29 января  2016 г. 08:43

The Classes in Blade & Soul

Just decided to make a quick difficulty ranking for new players who are having trouble deciding on a class, and plan to mainly PvP. I've played BnS on the Korean server for almost 2 years now, and can vouch that PvP is a lot of fun! However spending a lot of time leveling up a character and gearing it out just to realize the playstyle is too difficult or your ping is too high to utilize the class effectively, can be frustrating. For players who consistently have over 200 ping, I would recommend playing Summoner or Lyn Blade Master (Blade Dancer), Destroyer would be an option as well. I recommend not playing KFM in PvP unless you consistently have under 100 ping-- The class is extremely reaction-based and can be only so effective with slower internet speeds.


Everyone thought the assassin who finished second was one of the most skilled players they had seen in a very long time. Sadly, even know the assassin was an insanely skilled player with Blade & Soul Gold, he lost and the LBM won the tournament. But everyone watching knew this was because LBM's were a bit too strong, and cheered their hearts out for the assassin and gave him all of the attention instead of the LBM. They also gave the MVP award for the entire tournament to an FM (even know he finished like 6th or 7th or worse I can't remember).


In blade and soul it is very easy to tell the skill levels of the opponents who are fighting each other, it is also easy to tell if they won or lost because of a slight imbalance, or because they got outplayed. They will always cheer for the player who deserves to win, not the one who is winning because of the class they play, so always stick to playing the class you love! Not what might be better for the short-term! It will always get better with patience, unlike other games!


Of course the top 20 is hard, REGARDLESS of what class you are. But no other class can spam invis and let his pet kill their opponent, not rely on any combos, and has such avid and easy to use healing abilities. You cite having to dodge at the perfect time, but ever other class has 5-6 abilities they have to use at the perfect time, you only have dodge. For the most part summoner and the class I play, LBM, are the only classes foreigners can play on korea and do well (i am top 200 on korea but have 240 ping, my friend is top 150 and has 230 ping as summoner). We could not have done this with any other class in the game cept maybe a destroyer, bcuz they all have so many more reactionary abilitys than our 2 classes. I plan to play sin when NA releases.


I love the idea of a mmopvp class with a fps/streetfighter twist. I don't mind not having the availability of combos like other classes and then you may need Blade And Soul Power leveling; to me it's the draw of extreme mobility and fluid/rotating combat that made me really find the class interesting. I planned to try out LBM/BM as an alt though as they were my second choice (there's a reason everyone wants to try them out).


A lot of people have said FM was too basic/boring, which started to throw me off from the class, but this info is mostly from 2013 it seems. Everyone says, "Just google it, or check the forums", well, I did and most of the information is completely outdated or irrelevant. Thanks for the update.

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