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27 января  2016 г. 06:37

I Prefer BNS Than Tera

For me the pay to short-cut to great PvP gear it what turned me off to Tera. You could level up your equipment to the next tier immediately or take months farming stuff in-game trying to upgrade you gear.The difference between someone fully upgraded and someone still working on their gear was pretty significant. It's borderline P2W and I hate how often that term is thrown around. I really respect that BnS levels the playing field for 1v1 3v3 but you can still enjoy your max tiered gear you've worked for in the open world PvP zones and PvE.


I sunk a crapton of hours into Tera when it launched and again recently when the gunner/steam launch came out. The end-game always threw me off though. I hit max level feeling lost/confused and I was always torn between being a tank/healer/dps wanting to be helpful/support but not wanting to be a wet noodle. BnS worried me because there was no trinity (and I really like playing tank/support) but the gameplay is so well done I don't really miss it.


Tera's combat is very deliberate because of animation lock while attacking, very slow movement while in combat, very limited damage mitigation skills like dodges/blocks unless you're the tank, and boss tells starting with the Blade And Soul Gold. It's a design which requires knowing what happens next, because you don't want to be caught animating an attack when the boss drops a oneshot AoE on your face. There are no hitscan attacks in Tera, if you're standing there when the attack animation completes, it hits you. If you're not there, it won't.


B&S seems a lot faster paced, you move freely while animating attacks and you move at the same speed in combat as you do while just running around, you have multiple dodges and/or blocks, and while it looks like most attacks have to animate they are actually hitscan, even if you circle around the mob and stand behind it, after it completes the animation it will suddenly turn and hit you anyways. Boss tells aren't limited only to eye flashes, you have to know from the animation what it's going to do next but you have multiple ways of dodging it and you can generally animation cancel out of your attack to dodge it.

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