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25 января  2016 г. 06:13

Blade & Soul 2016 Update

NCsoft's martial art MMORPG Blade & Soul already launched on Jan 19 and the whole launch is fine expect the overloaded servers which NCsoft is working on expanding server capacity and adding new servers.  


More specifically, the dev team is planning to add a series of events with the Mushin’s Tower coming first, which is a solo dungeon. Another dungeon they are planning to add focuses on the Bloodshade Harbor faction, with 6 players normal mode first and then adding the 4 player hard mode. Last they are adding a branching twenty four person instance called the Naryu Labyrinth which creates consequences for any path the players choose.


Later this year, Blade & Soul Items is going to have a new continent called the Silverfrost Mountains, which is also the first expansion and will bring level cap from 45 to 50. Also, the new class Warlock will be added too, later this year.


Above those content update, Blade & Soul is also going to explore the esport area. Players can compete in 1v1 or 3v3 mode. NCsoft did host a World Championship last year where Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan players got a chance to compete for a $40,000 prize pool. This year, NA and EU regions will be added in the event as well. Gea

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