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18 января  2016 г. 05:12

The Wtfast Services of Blade & Soul

It causes problems for a lot of people that use Wtfast (or other similar services), which there are quite a few of.


Due to NA's internet infrastructure just being a lot less advanced than the Korean one, as well as the larger geographical distances, it can be expected that a lot of people might be be looking into methods for ping reduction.


Especially considering how much of an impact ping has on high-end play with Blade & Soul Gold. (the stream where jaesung pvp'd the european players being a perfect example)


By placing the bns servers in texas to appeal to a greater range of players, this really just puts a lot more of the NA players who are further north at a distance where their ping isn't optimal for the needs of high end play (rip canadians). Honestly bns wasn't designed with 150+ ping in mind.


Gameguard being a part of BnS limits a lot of those people to choosing between playing with bad ping or playing with a ping reducing service and random problems/crashes.


Which sucks not just for them, but also whoever they are playing with since a player is removed from the party if they crash in a dungeon.


Sometimes rarely my game crashes when it seems I press too many keys too quickly, and I really wouldn't be surprised if that's also caused by gameguard having an issue with my keyboard/mouse software. (no I don't macro, though my keyboard and mouse are capable)


Never had much of an issue with gameguard but i really dont like that its a rootkit -needs an exception for antivirus/malware programs to ignore- also as another poster said if its not helping stop the problem and INFACT IS harming legitimate players then i can only say its a massive piece of refuse that needs to make its way to the dumpster and or possibly the incinerator anyway i can only hope that the blade and soul team atleast takes note of this and at least TRIES to do something - anything - to bring about a positive result but im not them so i can only hope for BNS Gold, that said i do believe they need SOMETHING in place to combat hackers and such but i cant help but believe there have to be better options out there


- as a side note you all should probably just ignore that person sitting there touting gameguard as some periah of anti hacking masterw

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