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13 января  2016 г. 04:51

Reservation Starts of Blade And Soul

I'm a little worried how before this game has even launched, we've already seen 3 problems with this game's staff. Maybe none of these things are a big deal on their own, but they add up, and none of them have received a staff response that I've found satisfying.


1) We were told there would be absolutely no censorship. We now know that at least one quest has been censored.


2) We were told that the community would get to take part in naming the servers. This was not true, the staff named the servers.


3) We were told that we'd all have a fair chance to register the names we wanted. But staff is allowed to choose SEVEN names each, BEFORE their paying customers.


I know that a lot of people are willing to blow all these things off. But I am just wondering how long this trend will continue with Blade And Soul Items. So far I'm seeing their mistakes as rather innocent. I think they might be a bit inexperienced. But I hope this doesn't continue through this game's lifetime.


While the entire thing is completely scummy and bad for the integrity of this game at the very least we are able to use spaces in our names. Spaces make a lot more names available so one word names really aren't as important.


I'm more concerned personally with my name not looking like gibberish so even though the name I wanted was gone I had plenty of backups.

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