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11 января  2016 г. 13:06

MapleStory 2: A New Teaser Site Will Be Created

Today the Korean server of MapleStory 2 gets a new teaser site titled "New Enemy". In this site you can see a shadow of the upcoming new class Rune Blader. Meanwhile, the official team also unveiled that the game will get a major update soon.


The upcoming update is divided into 5 parts that will go live from December 3 to January 28. Besides the new class Rune Blader, players will also see some exciting new stuffs in this update including a new area named The Forsaken Land. The details about this update haven't been revealed yet, we will keep you posted when the new information released.


Currently Nexon hasn't announced any western plan for MapleStory 2. But some rumor says that the game will be brought to China soon. That means Nexon is now start


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