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01.12.2016 07:26

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08.10.2016 06:14

I do not disagree with people not happy about what it looks like a change of direction compared to what it was promised, and I do not disagree either with your list of subpar elements and feel of trying to do too many things and not getting anything at a really good level and taking some of the dangerous feeling away, but they are likely had to make some difficult choices as the project has grown. I love hardcore elements in game, I would enjoy to have this game full loot everywhere even in towns or virtually endless grind to cap, even if I have nearly no time to play, yet we need to be aware that the market that bring companies forward is not us. I even suggested to create specific permadeath ultra high end zones last year with extremely rare findings to give a touch of craziness, which was obviously too much for this game to take, risk 100s hours for a life death situation to get valuable worth millions if not billions silver.


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23.09.2016 05:17

I see so much more potential in this game than any other game I'm playing right now Elder Scrolls Dark Age of Camelot... the only game on my Horizon is Camelot Unchained other than that this game is by far the best game I have played in many years.

Find two or three good friends work together as a team and you guys will rock it out.

also if you buy the $40 pack or the $70 pack on release day you get Advanced game play and you get all the money back in the game time back so you don't lose nothing.

Also the game is by once and play Forever free Albion Online Silver.. unless you subscribe to premium which is a subscription which I certainly do

Sorry guys standing on a roof with a satellite dish in my hand I'm using the voice recognition on my phone and it's not playing nice


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19.09.2016 05:27

Yeah I don't understand these posts. If you venture out to the red zones and keep a few nodes away from any ports or cities you can rake in high level/rare resources. Every time I go through these zones I'm shocked at two things, one is I almost never see anyone out there, and the second is just how many resource nodes are up and full.

I don't know, maybe it's much worse in the black Albion Online Silver zones. As far as entire teams being fielded in ultra rare 6.4+ gear, I personally think the entire enchantment system is bloated and needs to be reworked before release. Do we really need 5 tiers of enchantments on top of artifact/hellgate gear?

I agree that having 3rd best material in 2 weeks is a terrible design. However they need to limit progression in another way other then pure fame to prevent players playing 18+ hours a week to achieve


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09.09.2016 05:31

Every account is linked to one specific email address. Multiple registrations, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple accounts at our Services are allowed under certain conditions. Prohibited is the use of multiple accounts when being logged into their respective characters at the same time for the purpose of engaging in such activities as direct interaction, trading, any form of cooperation, mutual support outside the designated player islands, guild islands, player cities or guild owned Albion Online Silver. It is further prohibitited to use multiple accounts at the same time to jointly engage in any type of player vs. player or player vs. environment combat as well as to jointly engage in gathering in the game world. It is the User's responsibility to remain informed about all rules and 

you can still trade without violating the Terms in a red\black city. so there's no need to violate them?


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05.09.2016 05:57

This is how PvP works in the world of Albion Online or for that matter the entire experience past yellow pvp zones.

Playing Albion as a solo or duo is beyond a nightmare. There basically is no PvP you can partake in. You will find yourself spending hours on end grinding mobs in PvP zones in order to upgrade your items only to have zergs and large parties that heavily outnumber you constantly trying to murder you.

The life of a small group or solo player in this game is entirely one of hide and seek. It gets really boring after awhile. How many of us are tired of zoning into one of the few farmable red zones only to have 8 players jump out of the woods and annihilate us.

Oh look the they got you. Time to spend thirty seconds rebuying your gear at the auction house for the


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31.08.2016 05:51

I Lol'd. I never understood the mindset of ppl like this. The ones that are backing this type of play are CLEARLY either the ones that are paying to win or the casuals that will pve an hour or two a day and stay farrrrrr from the pvp aspects when they are released ROI Gold. Being able to spend money to pretty much guarantee a max level enchant on your gear is p2w PERIOD. You might as well sell the best gear in the shop because that is essentially what is going on. It doesn't matter if someone who doesn't p2w can get the same enchant a couple months down the road. And having your gear all enchanted to max will be way better then those sealing pets, which the p2w players can also easily get...WTF are YOU talking about lol. 

This is just a way for the company to make fast money IMO because this game model won't last long at all I can guarantee that. Once beta launches and ppl realize what the deal is...GG. It's jst impossible


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20.08.2016 06:52

Hello! Before anything else, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section! I've never used a forum but there's a first for everything, am I right (I mean I think it's correct...doesn't seem to fit in any other categories)!

Anyway, as it says in the title, I think it's weird how that's a thing with Riders of Icarus Gold. If you have all three character slots filled in a server, you can't make more in another  

I have friends that switched to another server and I can't even meet them which is such a shame! (P.S I'm sorry if this is already a topic did some research and didn't find anything about this!) I mean is this a normal occasion in MMOs?

No one should have to leave the game to report cheaters. If Nexon expect us to go to a website to report players, then perhaps we shouldn't report anything. Avoid the problem and don't bother reporting


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16.08.2016 07:30

Revoking the title, don't you think that's a bit harsh considering there were plenty of people that earned the mounts fair and square, and co-operated with friends or their guild to attain it? I think there was maybe 1 or 2 guilds on my server that intentionally killed or stole mounts, but I remember seeing every hour on the hour someone taming Agnas or Garme & only seeing about 3-5 people at those spawn spots at any given Icarus Gold. There was a lot more griefing going on with dungeon loot than there was going on with Agnas and Garme steals/kills. Especially since party leaders can just change the loot options mid dungeon with nothing popping up to alert the party.

It was funny the same guild that was notorious for having it's members change loot options mid dungeon, also hopped on Garme/Agnas while other guilds were trying to help tame, or would come in and kill


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10.08.2016 07:32

PC bunny coins (free) I dont know how they will be called or if they will be unlocked in the Nexon version at all. PC bunny coins are coins that get koreans for free every 10min or smth in their internet caffees. THeres a cat in every big town that offers items for those coins. You can use those coins to buy ROI Gold, limited clothes, boxes with items, lvl 40 starter purple gear (24h) or even mounts for a limited time. But you also get the starter purple gear doing the main quest wich give a purple set for 14 days.

Stamina system The korean version has a stamina system in place for catching familiars (mounts, pets). We didnt have that in the private server.

Coins, coins, coins Gear can be dismantled using dismantler wich can be bought from general merchants. Dismantling blue, heroic and legendary gear can give coins (specific coins). You use those coins


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