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12 января  2019 г. 08:34

Stellite Alloy Rod Is Widely Used in Machinery Industry

As is known to us, widely used in the machinery Industry, Stellite Alloy rod is produced by a range of different processes, including wrought or hot forging, hard-faced deposit, powder metal, and finally, casting. It’s more difficult to machine and grind than a steel blade. Therefore, high-performance processing equipment and specialized machining tools are required.

Stellites of this rod of are Stellite Alloy 3 available in two main combinations: (a) a Tungsten(W) group with the composition of Co-Cr-W-C, and (b) a Molybdenum (Mo) group containing Co-Cr-Mo-C. Stellites possess outstanding corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, and low magnetic permeability. Components made of stellites work well in highly corrosive environments and maintain these advantageous properties at elevated temperatures. Components made of stellites are widely used in oil and gas, automotive, nuclear power, paper and pulp, chemical and petrochemical, refineries, automobile, aerospace and aircraft industries.

By virtue of their nonmagnetic, anti-corrosive and non-reactivity to human body-fluid properties, stellites are used in medical surgery and in surgical tools, tooth and bone implants and replacements, heart valves, and in heart pacemakers. The hardness range of sellites is from 32 to 55 HRC, which makes stellites brittle materials but they have a low Young’s modulus.

Due to their high hardness, dense but non-homogeneous molecular structure and lower thermal conductivity, machining operations for parts made of stellites are extremely difficult, categorizing stellites as difficult-to-machine materials like Ti-alloys, inconels, composites and stainless steel. Usually, machine components made of stellites are produced by a deposited stellite are then finished by grinding, rather than some other economic machining process, which is costly and time-consuming, making stellite products very expensive.

Sytop Stellite Alloy 20 Rod can be made upon request with high quality and favorable price, and we can provide you with free samples, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You could click the link: www.cobaltalloy.net to get further information.

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