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18 марта 2022 г. 06:18

Symptoms of neonatal phenylketon...

Phenylketonuria is a recessive genetic disease. If darling is born with phenylketonuria, he must maternal pku for treatment. Either go to a pediatrician in a regular hospital or treat according to the severity of his condition. Generally, the prognosis is good. We should do a good job in nursing, drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Symptoms of neonatal phenylketonuria

1. Babies with this system disease have very white skin and often have eczema symptoms; Due to the lack of melanocyte synthesis, the baby's hair is light in color, dry and does not get color.

2. The head circumference of children is relatively small, and the growth of deciduous teeth is slow.

The sweat and urine excreted by infants are accompanied by the stench of mouse urine and mold.

Some infants also have symptoms such as agitation and irritability at the beginning, which may include difficulty in feeding, vomiting, restless sleep, easy to cry, etc.

5. Babies may speak slower than others and develop their intelligence later.

Safety precautions for neonatal phenylketonuria

1. Avoid marrying close relatives. When you are sure to have children, you must go to the hospital for a detailed examination.

2. Neonatal disease screening is very important and must be carried out in time.

Figure 3. The key to the treatment of phenylketonuria is to find it in time. Since L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid for the human body, the best way to treat phenylketonuria is to adopt a low phenylalanine diet. Therefore, L-phenylalanine needs to be ingested to maintain the minimum level of growth and metabolism and prevent brain injury.

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