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17 февраля 2022 г. 13:46

How to purify indoor air? What a...

Feel that the indoor air has environmental pollution, such as house interior decoration lg puricare air purifier after moving into the uneasy, want to purify the indoor air after the completion of moving in, but how to purify the indoor air? In the house after renovation we are most worried about the environmental pollution problem is indoor formaldehyde, has been a lot of people want to remove indoor formaldehyde, and what are the methods to remove formaldehyde in the room?

A, how to purify indoor air?

The portal is open to ventilation, but there will also be caused by the indoor air is getting worse. Outdoor dust or odor heavy, it is necessary to close the doors and windows to avoid environmental pollution indoor air. The case of the rainy season back damp strong, also need to close the doors and windows to avoid the outdoor moisture gas into the room, resulting in strong indoor air odor. Some houses close to the road or industrial areas and other areas, because the car traffic and work of the peak hours usually floating dust flying more serious, this time must be closed doors and windows tightly. Dust management temperature also needs to be strictly closed doors and windows.

Air quality index index value is not only floating dust, etc., but also related to microbial strains. The sun has ultraviolet light, thus, the sun has a certain ability to sterilize and disinfect the work. Many people's houses are retrofitted with curtain cloths, and even for houses with sunrise, they usually do not open the curtain cloths, which causes very little sunlight exposure in the room, or even no sunlight exposure at all. In order to better low-carbon environmental protection and sterilization, you should open the window daily to see the sun. If the room completely can not accept sunlight exposure, then you can install ultraviolet germicidal lamps, the staff is not in the room in the case, hit the lights on time to carry out germicidal, indoor air purification is also beneficial.

If the indoor air is dry, not only very easy to dust governance, there may cause the accumulation and transmission of electrostatic induction in the room, the staff and high precision electronic products in the room are harmful. Therefore, you can place a sink and air humidifier in the room to enhance the relative humidity of the air.

If the indoor humidity is too high, not only very easy to cause objects mold, it is very easy to produce germs, therefore, this time to reduce the humidity of the indoor air environment. Can be used in the house with the storage of the same industry vessels placed some lime powder, or placed some other non-corrosive moisture inhibitors (the best is to pick that type of moisture inhibitor can be repeatedly retrieved and applied), their strong water absorption capacity can avoid the indoor air wet and cold.

Daily life to develop good habits, toilets are required to immediately flush; sitting toilet without the need to cover tight outer cover; washroom and restaurant kitchen odor important to open the exhaust fan, cooking and cooking to open the range hood; washroom and restaurant kitchen to clean sterilization on time to avoid the growth of germs with odor; washroom and restaurant kitchen doors and windows in the bedroom and living room side to turn off as much as possible to avoid the cupboard and bathroom organic waste gas environmental pollution Other house; other sunrise doors and windows of the cupboard and bathroom should be opened as far as possible on time, sunshine, with course the actual effect of removing bacteria.

Second, what are the methods to remove formaldehyde in the room?

1, natural ventilation method to remove formaldehyde

According to the commodity circulation of indoor air, can reduce the composition of carcinogenic substances in indoor air, and thus reduce the harm of such chemicals. In winter, we often close the doors and windows, indoor and outdoor gas can not commodity circulation, not only the proportion of indoor formaldehyde in indoor air will be elevated, harmful gases will also continue to accumulate, and the concentration value will be very high.

2、Activated carbon adsorption method to eliminate formaldehyde

Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug absorption can people, activated carbon masks, anti-drug masks are used activated carbon. The use of activated carbon physicochemical efficacy deodorization, de-toxication; without all organic chemical additives, no harm to personal safety. Each house put two to three plates, can basically get rid of the room odor. Light environmental pollution optional this method, you can also choose this method and the rest of the chemical method integrated application, integrated together to remediation has a better practical effect.

3, green plants to eliminate formaldehyde odor method

Can be based on raising green plants to digest and absorb the harmful substances in the air, or use microbial strains, enzymes to carry out biological oxidation, dissolution, which is also a small trick to remove home improvement pollution. A leaf orchid, tiger tail orchid can eliminate harmful substances in the air, tiger gold-edged hanging orchid and hanging orchid can adsorb more than 80% of formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful substances in the room; Lu Aloe is the master of removing formaldehyde, Milan, osmanthus, etc. can reasonably eliminate harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air; laurel tree, orchid, laurel and other green plants of cilia can intercept and absorb suspended particles and dust in the air.

How to purify indoor air? Feel that the indoor air is excessively turbid, or feel it is not too safe, there are indoor formaldehyde, benzene these, you can carry out purification of it. What are the methods to remove formaldehyde in the room? The methods of removing formaldehyde detailed in the article content are very general, and if you feel useless, you can also find professionals to assist in removing it.

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