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6 января  2022 г. 11:53

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1. Use in accordance with doctor's instructions

In order to improve the effect of lowering blood sugar, 胰島素注射劑量 blindly increasing the dosage may lead to side effects, and blindly reducing the dosage cannot have an effect

2. Master the correct injection site

Generally, the abdomen and upper arms are absorbed faster, while the thighs and buttocks are absorbed more slowly. If short-acting insulin is given before meals, it is best to inject it in the abdomen.

For long-acting insulin injections, the thighs and buttocks are the first choice. When you inject insulin in the thigh, it should be given on the outside of the thigh, away from the knee.

The upper arm should be injected on the back or side, where the subcutaneous tissue is thicker and the risk of intramuscular injection is lower.

3, injection site to rotate

Long-term injection at one site will affect the subcutaneous fat growth and lead to hard knots. 腸泌素針劑 The absorption rate will be slowed down and may directly lead to blood sugar fluctuations.

Therefore, it is necessary to rotate the injection site when injecting insulin, and the distance between two consecutive injections should be more than one centimeter.

4. Do the sterilization work well

Before injection, the parts should be cleaned and disinfected. It is recommended to disinfect the injection site with alcohol pads before each injection to reduce the chance of infection.

5. Pinch the skin for injection

If a 4 to 5 mm needle is used, there is no need to squeeze the skin for injection. If the needle length is more than 6 mm, it is necessary to pinch the skin so as to reduce the risk of intramuscular injection. 

When using the skin method, the thumb, index finger and middle finger should be used to gently lift the skin, otherwise the skin and subcutaneous tissue can be pinched together.

6. Leave it for 10 seconds

The needle should be left in place for 10 seconds before it is removed to ensure that all the medication enters the body and to prevent leakage of medication.

After each injection, remove the needle from the pen immediately and throw away the cap to avoid contaminants or air from entering the pen tip.

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