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17 декабря 2021 г. 13:18

How to choose between high and l...

As children get older, giving them a separate room becomes more and more important. To give a child a separate room first requires the parents to choose a suitable single bed for the child. Is the children’s room better with a high bed or a low bed? Or is it better to have an ordinary single-layer bed? The editor below will give you a specific analysis based on how to choose a child’s high-low bed and a single-layer bed:

1. First, choose according to the size of the room

Children’s rooms are generally necessary for the three most 兒童床 used ones: bed, wardrobe, and writing desk. Most families have more choices of finished products for this three-piece set. If your child's room is particularly small, or recommend high and low beds, don't worry about the overall effect. Now the high and low beds are really good-looking, I believe the children will like it. If the family is large enough, you can buy a single bed for your child so that it will not affect the usable area or obstruct the view.

2. Choose according to the number of children

If you have two children in your home, or if the apartment is relatively small, it is recommended to use bunk beds, which is especially practical for a family environment with two educating children. Two children of the same sex living in the same room make it easier to communicate with each other and save space. If there are many rooms in the home, or the room area is relatively large, you can also choose two independent single-layer beds to ensure each child's activity space and privacy.

Three, choose according to safety

This is an important issue that many parents of our students are concerned about when working. It is its safety. After all, children are very active. With bunk beds so high, is it dangerous for children to use them? If the children are four or five years old, It can be used alone, because at this time the balance of the child is already quite good, and the family bed will have guardrails, and the child will be much safer to use. If you are still not at ease, let the child sleep on the bunk. , At least it will be much safer.

Four, choose according to the sense of design

The ordinary single-layer bed style is relatively simple, and it is difficult to make changes. Compared with the single-layer bed, the double bed has the advantages of novel shape and rich variety. Nowadays, a large number of uniquely shaped multifunctional bunk beds are circulating on the market. Some of these multifunctional bunk beds emphasize comfort and some emphasize functionality.

Five, choose according to the service life

Although bunk beds have many advantages, they are not perfect. Compared with ordinary beds, the upper and lower layers of bunk beds are in use, so the bunk bed bears more loss and the service life is shorter than ordinary beds.

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