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3 декабря 2021 г. 10:48

What is a chocolate cyst?

Endometriosis is a type of endometriosis. What is endometriosis? The abnormal朱古力瘤 cells from the endometrium to places outside the endometrium is called endometriosis. The most common sites are the ovaries, uterosacral ligaments, fallopian tubes, and peritoneum. If the endometrium grows to the ovaries, endometriosis will develop. It is called "chocolate" because it is composed of old blood that flows out of the endometrium every month, forming a thick dark brown layer that looks like chocolate sauce, so it is called "endometrium" Ectopic disease".

Can chocolate cysts cause infertility?

The endometriotic cells in the ovary occupy the space of the normal ovarian structure and cause damage to the normal ovarian cells and follicles. In addition, these endometriosis cells can cause inflammation and affect the normal function of the ovary. Therefore, poor ovulation, or even poor ovulation, but the quality of the eggs will be poor, and the luteinizing hormone will also be insufficient. In addition to the ovaries and surrounding fallopian tubes, uterine adhesions, these factors can lead to infertility.

If it does not cause adhesions, or if the inflammation is not serious, you can still conceive naturally. However, ovulation drugs may be needed to stimulate ovulation to increase pregnancy rates. However, oral ovulation drugs should not be used for two consecutive years. If laparoscopy confirms that there are serious adhesions, the risk of infertility is greatly increased, and artificial insemination must be used in order to become pregnant.

What are the main symptoms of chocolate cysts?

If a woman has menstrual pain, painful intercourse, bleeding before menstruation, excessive menstrual bleeding, infertility, hematuria, painful urination and painful defecation, she may be suspected of having endometriosis, and she should consult a gynecologist for detailed examination and treatment as soon as possible .

How should chocolate cysts be treated?

Once an endometriosis is formed in a student, the degree of ectopic influence is likely to be more than moderate. If it is coupled with the adhesion of the outside of the ovary, it is easy to learn to become a severe ectopic disease. The treatment is mainly based on surgical resection of the cyst, supplemented by drug research; aspiration (with ultrasound) of the cyst can only be done by reducing the diameter of the cyst, in order to improve the effect of surgery or drugs, and cannot be directly used as the main feature of society therapy. Once we find that we have endometriosis, we should actively carry out diagnosis and treatment. If there is no cure at all, about half of the patients can become pregnant with natural factors within a year, and a comprehensive prenatal health check should be done after pregnancy; but if they are not pregnant, there may be a 50% chance of recurrence, so women who are not pregnant People should be alert and have regular gynecological examinations.

"Endometriosis" is a kind of "ovarian tumor", which is benign, not ovarian cancer (malignant), so patients don't need to worry, as long as they are actively diagnosed and treated, there will be no problems.

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