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11 января  2022 г. 12:04

Family doctors play a significan...

The family doctor in hong kong management team should act as a health development counselor for contracted residents through outpatient treatment, follow-up visits, health education consultation, information system pushing and other teaching methods;

The government will provide scientific and technical research support for the construction of the contracted team at the county level.

Green logistics channels are opened for contracted residents, no less than 40% of outpatient numbers are opened, and more convenience is provided for contracted residents in terms of inpatient beds, examination methods and tests, so that contracted teams can better improve their services to contracted residents.

Efforts to improve the incentive mechanism for contracting services. Reasonable determination of the service package fee standard, the establishment of assessable evaluation index system, the real role of primary institutions "gate-keeper";

Improve the income level of general practitioners, in principle, the use of family doctor team contract service fees of no less than 70%, to enhance the contract doctors to fulfill the contract and the enthusiasm of senior doctors to participate in the service.

Vigorously promote the "Internet +" contract services. Use the Internet and cell phone APP to provide online contract signing, health consultation, appointment booking, health management, chronic disease follow-up, report inquiry and other services.

Through SMS and WeChat, at least one personalized health education message will be sent to the contracted residents every quarter to increase their feelings.

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