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24 декабря 2021 г. 06:35

Should women who are preparing f...

Infertility doctors: grasp three key points

The spread of the new crown epidemic has led to more homeworkers and many people also spend more time living at home. This has led many couples to seriously consider "being a human". Although Taiwan is a low-risk area for infection, it is still important for people preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy. Much attention is paid to the risk of infection in pregnancy, especially after the 準備懷孕 vaccine is administered, whether women should be vaccinated during pregnancy or infertility treatment has become a topic of heated discussion.

Relevant studies abroad have shown that pregnant women face the risks of pregnancy-induced hypertension, caesarean section, and postpartum hemorrhage, which are higher than those of our average pregnant women, and there are more cases of suspected maternal and infant vertical system infection.

Regarding the risks of China's vaccine administration, although there is currently no medical evidence for pregnant women or pregnant women, global experts are also actively collecting larger samples to track the follow-up impact. Therefore, for the development of the epidemic command center, it is also stated that pregnant women can discuss the social benefits and risks of the treatment with their doctors before 滴雞精懷孕 whether to vaccinate.

Faced with these restrictions, the trade-offs and arrangements between "vaccination" and "pregnancy plan" at the childbearing age, Lin Shiyu, deputy director of the Reproductive Center of TFC Taipei Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, believes that from the perspective of reproductive medicine, the risk of infection can be judged.

pay attention to the interval between the first and second doses of the vaccine to assess whether to freeze the fertility first

Lin Shiyu also suggested that for couples experiencing infertility, apart from the interval between vaccination and pregnancy plan, the urgency of time such as "decreased fertility after 35 years of age" should also be taken into 滴雞精懷孕 before the vaccination. For example, experts suggest that the first and second doses of AZ vaccine should be given 12 weeks apart. According to the European Society for Reproductive Medicine (ESHRE), it is recommended to wait two months after the second dose is completed before entering the treatment course, which is equivalent to nearly half a year. , It is a great pressure to get pregnant at an advanced age; therefore, if people with lower fertility are checked out, you can consider freezing sperm, freezing eggs, and freezing embryos to retain bullets first.

The epidemic situation in Taiwan province is stable, and compared with foreign infertility treatment, it has almost stagnated. In a healthy environment, child seekers in Taiwan province can get more time to prepare for pregnancy, enter infertility treatment, and feel at ease until pregnancy and natural delivery. people of childbearing age do not need to worry too much if they are in a low-risk area of ​​infection.

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