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31 марта 2021 г. 09:26

4 advantages of AOI detection allow you decide on it!

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As SMT (Area Mount Engineering) assembly gets increasingly more specific, and performance prerequisites are receiving larger and better, manual visible inspection definitely are unable to meet up with the requirements of recent field. As opposed with handbook visual inspection, SunzonTech\'s smt aoi machines use cutting-edge technology to guarantee high speed and precision with FPC special detection logic and defect analysis.AOI (Automated Optical Inspection Instrument) has bigger The soundness, repeatability and better accuracy with the products are commonly utilized in electronics producers. The benefits of working with AOI in SMT patch processing:

1. Uncomplicated programming

AOI commonly converts the TXT auxiliary text file mechanically created soon after the placement machine programming is concluded into a file with the required format, from which the AOI obtains the five parameters of posture quantity, component serial number, X coordinate, Y coordinate, and element rotation route, then The system will routinely produce the format on the circuit, figure out the situation parameters of each and every ingredient and also the parameters to get tested. Soon after completion, fine-tune the detection parameters of each and every component according to the procedure specifications.

2. Uncomplicated to work

Considering that AOI generally works by using highly smart program, it does not demand the operator to possess rich professional expertise to work in the placement system.

3. High fault coverage

As a result of use of high-precision optical devices and high-intelligence testing software program, the same old AOI devices can detect many different output problems, as well as fault protection price can reach 80%.

four. Reduce production expenditures

Due to the fact AOI might be put before the reflow oven to examine the PCB, flaws caused by different explanations is usually found in time, in lieu of looking forward to the PCB to go the reflow oven before the inspection is executed, which greatly decreases the manufacturing expense.

Consequently, using AOI inspection gear can cut down process flaws, uncover and get rid of faults in the early assembly course of action to realize superior procedure handle; early detection of flaws will stay away from sending undesirable boards to your subsequent assembly stage (plug-in, concluded product or service assembly), AOI will cut down repair service fees to stay away from the looks of scrapped and unrepairable circuit boards.

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4 benefits of AOI detection allow you end up picking it!

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