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14 января  2022 г. 12:14

How to freeze frozen meat in the...

With the development of society, the pace of survival will be accelerated. Many families do not have time 漢堡扒 shopping every day, so they prepare the ingredients for the next week on weekends and store them in the refrigerator. Although this is convenient, it will definitely make a big difference in the taste of the ingredients.

Especially for those of us who like to go to the kitchen, taste is the only criterion for judging the deliciousness of food. So how to change the taste of the ingredients in the refrigerator? Today, I will talk with you about the method of defrosting meat.

After many people take out the meat from the refrigerator, for convenience and trouble, they will soak the frozen meat in water to facilitate freezing. However, if doing so, although there is a good freezing effect, it will not affect the taste and nutrition of the meat. It will definitely have a big impact. A little bit of a loss.

Then today I ask everyone a little trick, not only the defrosting speed is fast, but also the taste of meat can be kept fresh, let's learn together.

1. Normal temperature thawing method:

Take the frozen meat out of the refrigerator, put it in the heat preservation room of the refrigerator, and store it for a period of time until the meat begins to soften, then take it outdoors and freeze it at room temperature. It will freeze quickly, and the taste will not change much, which is different from the one that has just been put in the refrigerator. However, this method is more time-consuming. Generally, if you eat at night, you must prepare it at noon. This method is suitable for vacation and use when you have time.

2. Salt water thawing method:

After taking out the frozen meat, put it in the outdoor conditions to freeze slightly, and then prepare some salt water and soak the meat in the salt water, so that the effect of thawing at room temperature will be more obvious.

Three, plastic bag thawing method:

After taking the frozen meat out of the refrigerator, put it in a clear plastic bag, and then soak it in cold water, it can also have the effect of thawing it quickly, and the taste will not be bad.

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