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28 декабря 2021 г. 09:49

What is insulin resistance? What...

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During the health check-up, you may hear the doctor say, "You have a little insulin resistance condition! Recently, pay more attention to blood sugar." So does insulin resistance mean that you are about to have diabetes?

What is insulin resistance?

"Insulin" is a hormone secreted by the islets of the pancreas in the body. It is 抗體測試 for the storage of sugar, muscle, and fat in the body. When the food we eat is digested and turned into blood sugar, insulin will act as the "goalkeeper." The blood sugar is transported to the muscles and cells and converted into nutrients for the cells, which also allows the body to have energy and strength to function; excess blood sugar will be converted into fat and stored for the next use.

"Insulin resistance" means that although the body secretes insulin, it cannot 腸泌素胰島素 the effect of using blood sugar. There may be two reasons:

The blood sugar in the body is excessive and cannot be fully utilized by the cells. The blood sugar continues to be too high and stimulates the body to continuously secrete insulin. Finally, overwork forms insulin resistance.

The body loses its sensitivity to insulin. Even with insulin, it cannot deliver blood sugar to the cells. If the cells lose their nutrition, they will naturally feel tired, listless, weak, and hungry.

Why does insulin resistance occur?

After the 長效胰島素 system comes into contact with glucose, the body will secrete insulin and transport the glucose to the cells, so insulin is like a worker who maintains "smooth logistics"; but if there is too much glucose, a large amount of insulin will be needed to carry it, pancreatic islet cells They are forced to continuously secrete insulin, which may eventually lead to overwork, inability to secrete insulin, or because there is too much insulin in the body, resulting in decreased sensitivity.

There are several reasons for insulin resistance:

Innate genes

Obesity, because fat makes the body less sensitive to insulin

Eating too much leads to sugar, which leads to high blood sugar and overworked pancreas that secrete insulin

Symptoms of insulin resistance?

Tired easily

Overweight and unable to lose weight

High blood sugar

How do I know if I have insulin resistance? Have you checked for insulin resistance?

Zheng Naiyuan, the director of Lian'an Clinic, said that the new "Insulin Resistance Index (HOMA-IR)" test with a more preventive medical concept can better detect the symptoms of diabetes at an early stage. Lian'an Clinic analyzed the 108-year health check database and found that up to 55% of the 41,487 data related to blood glucose check items are too high, which is equivalent to pre-diabetes.

Clinically, when the insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR) is greater than or equal to 2, it represents insulin resistance, and the risk of diabetes also increases. You need to start paying attention to whether you have blood sugar problems.

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