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9 декабря 2021 г. 11:10

Skin care Xiaobai quickly collec...

Knowing your skin type is a must topic, which will directly determine the direction Mioggi生命水 future skin care, mainly moisturizing ability or oil control!

【Dry skin】

Features: The skin has a large amount of sebum secretion and little, no greasy feeling. The skin is more prone to dryness and there are skin problems such as animal dander, aging wrinkles, and spots, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Nursing focus: maintaining water and oil balance

Dry skin moisturizing is king! The skin is prone to dry lines, you need to choose moisturizing skin care products to maintain the skin's water and oil balance.

【Normal skin】

Features: It is the best condition of the skin, with moderate water content. There are no areas with excessively large pores or oily areas, and generally do not require special care.

Nursing points: do basic care

Normal skin problems can be said to be a very ideal skin. Usually, we only need to do daily hydrating and moisturizing, and we must pay attention to avoid excessive cleansing and excessive skin care!

【Oily skin】

Features: Oily skin is not prone to aging and wrinkles, but the skin has a strong secretion of sebum, dull complexion and large pores, which can easily lead to acne.

Nursing focus: cleaning

Oily skin needs to be cleaned and moisturized at the same time, and you can choose to use skin care products that are refreshing and easy to absorb. Using skin care products that are too moisturizing may be an economic burden for oily skin, especially for China. Oily skin with humid weather!

【Sensitive skin】

Features: The skin is thinner with obvious red blood streaks, and the skin is more susceptible to environmental factors, seasonal changes and facial skin care products.

Nursing focus: gentle

Sensitive muscles are relatively fragile skin, so you must use mild skin care products! People with sensitive skin should not follow the trend to buy various online products, they should first understand whether the ingredients are suitable for their own purchase. When using the product, it is best to wipe behind the ears before using the face.

【Combination skin】

It is particularly common in Asian countries. About eight out of ten people are in this situation. The mixed skin Mioggi生命水 can be roughly analyzed and divided into two types.

①Mixed dry skin:

Features: T-zone is prone to oil, cheeks and eye area sebum secretion is relatively small, relatively dry, and low water content through the stratum corneum, easy to produce some small wrinkles.

Care focus: moisturizing

Eyes are prone to fine lines, moisturizing water is very important. You can choose refreshing skin care products in spring and summer, and moisturizing skin care products in autumn and winter.

②Mixed oil skin:

Features: T-zone oil is severe, cheeks are oily

Care points: moisturizing, gentle cleansing

Muscles with mixed oils are more prone to acne. You should pay attention to moisturizing and cleansing. Do not choose cleansers with too strong cleaning power because of the serious oil in the t zone. Long-term use will cause the external oil to dry.

Key point: The skin will change due to the analysis of external environmental factors. For example, some people have mixed oily skin in winter, but have mixed dry skin in summer. So be sure to pay attention to your skin at all times, and use various care management methods!

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