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11 мая 2021 г. 13:46

Smart objects are connected to the Internet, which requires wireless communicati

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The vast majority of devices needed for IoT are no longer connected through human-computer interaction, but more connected to one place through protocols, communication, programming, etc. The purpose of IoT is to make all objects computer intelligent, not in the form of a universal computer, and to connect these "intelligent" objects to the Internet, which requires the support of wireless communication technology.

Wireless iot wifi module and application solutions

The advancement of wireless communication technology is the main factor driving the development of the IoT market. The increasing popularity of smart plugs, smart switches and smart locks also promotes the adoption of smart home control systems, which in turn promotes the growth of the IoT wireless module market, providing wireless communication technology support for smart home control systems.

As an indispensable wireless module for the development of IoT technology, mature wireless modules we can encourage social and cultural consumption by improving the efficiency of teaching equipment for application, enabling manufacturers to design, manufacture and launch products that consumers can afford.

Advantages of wifi module for IoT applications: It integrates RF transceiver, mac, baseband processing, wifi protocol and configuration information and network protocol stack, which allows users to easily implement wireless network functions for serial devices. Depending on the communication interface, wifi modules are divided into usb wifi modules, ap/router wifi modules, uart wifi modules and sdio wifi modules, which can be used as the glue to bond IoT and connect these devices.

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