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7 марта 2019 г. 22:32

9 Ways in Which Technology Helps in Alleviating Poverty

Sounds strange? Well, don't get surprised. It has proved to be a solution for generational poverty. It can also enhance it. It is a very strong relationship.


  1. Users can get more tools

Here are some ways to improve our services. Quality of your output. For those who haven’t usually got it. For example, it can increase the amount of money.

  • It minimizes the cost of doing work

You can open doors of opportunities for doing business. You can work from your home. You can function as a freelancer. You can even learn many new things online. Income among the poor population also. For instance, users can get into the global economy.

  • What leads to the gap between the rich and the poor?

It can contribute to increased parity between the poor and the riches. It helps you keep track of your computer’s work.

  • You get efficient with technology

Technology gets It makes it possible to use these factors accurately.

  • You can also contribute to charities and fundraisers with poor

It can be used to support people who need it. For example - sometimes people can help them instantly by using technology. You can help people who are away from you.

  • Users can even fight with the scattered corruption

It has contributed to diminishing corruption. It’s possible to take advantage of the bribery. Your projects can be handled well with technology.

  • Increase your knowledge with technology

One of the biggest challenge to curb is the lack of education. Other techniques such as TV and Internet can be given. Increased information increases innovation too. Students can also go for online colleges if they are living in remote areas.

  • Having the right information is equally important

Users need to have access to information for curbing poverty. It can be accessed by a local people. No change anywhere. You can make a difference.

  • Natural catastrophe can also be managed

Natural disasters like flooding, drought, and earthquakes can be handled well. It has helped in saving different lives. With the technology, there are chances of a disaster. It can also help.

Olivia Jones  is a self-professed security expert; It is a threat to people who have to write about cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at  norton.com/setup .

Source: https://manage-notron.com/9-ways-in-which-technology-helps-in-alleviating-poverty/

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