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7 марта 2019 г. 22:10

10 Applications for Teaching Children Early Literacy Skills

No one can undermine the importance of literacy. According to Frederick Douglass, once you learn to read, you will be free forever. There is no doubt in the statement that education is the key that unlocks the doors of development.


 It is essential for the parents to search the tools for teaching literacy skills to the children. Luckily there are many interactive technologies like the applications that help in educating children. Some apps are given below that will teach you about literacy skills:

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics

It is a starter app that will teach the children about the alphabet, phonics, sounds of the letter and some of the first words. Your children will stay entertained with animations and the fun songs.

  • Bob books Reading Magic

The books are specially designed for children and kindergarten and preschool. Children will learn to read. It’s a real challenge to understand the skills of education.

  • Duck duck moose reading

They are educational, fun and engaging. Zoo animals.

  • iWriteWords

It is an award-winning app of preschool which lives up to name. This is a playful crab and some added fun.

  • Learn with Homer

It is an exceptional learning app for children who are from 3 to 8 ages old. The application incorporates games, lessons, interactive stories, and activities. Tracker of their children.

  • Montessori Crosswords

Montessori school approach to teaching via manipulatives. Kids construct words utilizing sounds and the images and some pronunciation. It consists of some reading, writing, and spelling.

  • Reading raven

It is a customized application for practicing some old jobs of education. Awareness of the characters. It is specially created for kids.

  • Read me stories

This is a specially created for fostering a passion for study. It is a museum for the e-books. Every day it features a new book. The stories also incorporate interactive elements and narration.

  • Starfall

It is an educational website for users along with it. Well, loved sites also include games.

  • Word wagon

It is an excellent application for introducing skills like spelling, letters and phrases. It also encourages learning through many fun activities. It has been determined. If you are a parent, then you’ll be using your skills and skills.

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Source: https://offiice-products.com/blog/10-applications-for-teaching-children-early-literacy-skills/

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