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15 января  2019 г. 19:32

Best iPhone Apps for Voice-to-Text Transcription

In the IT way of life, people try to be smart. In the same direction, it would take much time. But it's a smart way to do it. This smart way includes a voice-to-text transcription. IPhone text transcription app.

Here are the following:

1. Evernote

It is a list of different file formats. It doesn’t need to be an iPhone. Heck it up right next to the spacebar. By this, iOS device text. If you’ve done it, then you can press the “Done” option and stay awaited.  

2. Call Recording by NoNotes

While you are attending an important business call. If you are a sufferer of harassment. It can cover up to 20 minutes in a month. Through the help of email. This app can be used.

3. dictate2us

It is the biggest transcription service provider in the USA. Has an Exceptional It staff of professional transcribers worldwide the who OPERATE Their IT the iPhone the app Makes the easy to use Their transcription services. You can use this tool to save your voice. When the transcription is done, then the Microsoft Word file.

4. Rev Voice Recorder

Its user-interface is polished and sharp. By default while income calls. It can be used for all 10 minutes free of cost. Assignment of transcription. 

5. Dragon Dictation

It is considered ideal dictation software present in the market. It can identify voice accentuated voice recognition codes. Quickly and use punctuation marks. It is compatible with many languages. By typing, typing, dictating personal notes, updating your status.

6. Dragon  Series. Out of them, this app is the main mobile application. By this app, you can transcribe your spoken words into the world. Your files using voice.

If you’re  a creative person, you can’t write  about it  . Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Source: https://how-to-activate.net/best-iphone-apps-for-voice-to-text-transcription/

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