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07.03.2019 22:32
Смотреть '9 Ways in Which Technology Helps in Alleviating Poverty'

Sounds strange? Well, don't get surprised. It has proved to be a solution for generational poverty. It can also enhance it. It is a very strong relationship.

  1. Users can get more tools

Here are some ways to improve our services. Quality of your output. For those who haven’t usually got it. For example, it can increase the amount of money.

  • It minimizes the cost of doing work

You can open doors of opportunities for doing business. You can work from your home. You can function as a freelancer. You can even learn many new things online. Income among the poor population also. For instance, users can get into the global economy.


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07.03.2019 22:10
Смотреть '10 Applications for Teaching Children Early Literacy Skills'

No one can undermine the importance of literacy. According to Frederick Douglass, once you learn to read, you will be free forever. There is no doubt in the statement that education is the key that unlocks the doors of development.

 It is essential for the parents to search the tools for teaching literacy skills to the children. Luckily there are many interactive technologies like the applications that help in educating children. Some apps are given below that will teach you about literacy skills:

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics

It is a starter app that will teach the children about the alphabet, phonics, sounds of the letter and some of the first words. Your children will stay entertained with


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30.01.2019 19:10

There may be a different reason for the laptop keyboard. It is possible to make it possible for the driver to update the software.

Use On-Screen Keyboard offer by the Windows

The keyboard is not working. If you’re getting them, then you can’t get it.

Unable to connect,

1. On the log in screen, click on the 'Ease of access' icon to open it. Sign up for an icon.

2. From the context menu that appears, click on the 'On-screen Keyboard.'

Instantly, the on-screen keyboard will make it easy for your desktop. Now, use your mouse cursor.

How to launch the on-screen keyboard

If you have the Keyboard icon is located there.


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17.01.2019 18:47

The advancement of technology is changing traditional business methods. Whether it is a business model, working device or payment methods, technology is always there to smoothen the process and support the whole working culture by its productivity, rapidity and effective output generation. QR codes are one of the tools from the wide-spread family of technology. It is the new face of payment methods. QR codes are slowly but steadily replacing the cash transactions.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes which contain all necessary information of the associated product in machine-readable format. It includes the data in standard encoding format which consists of a numeric, alphabetical and binary symbol to store data. A black and white image (nowadays it is ornamenting itself with multiple colour combination) that could read and the information embedded in it processed through an imaging device like your Smartphone’s camera and redirect you to the website or


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17.01.2019 18:27

2019 was the full of smart home items.

 In this blog posting, we’ve seen it at CES this year.

  1. Voice Assistant-smart switches

It is worth noting that there has been a switch.

It has been some time for its launching of its own models.

It consisted of-

  • Leviton's Decora Voice with Alexa
  • TP-Link's Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch having Voice Assistant

However, it’s not possible to make sure that it’s been a digital assistant.

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15.01.2019 20:03

The phone is not just a handheld device today, and it has become an escort to remind the birthdays of loved ones, to get you up in the morning, to organize the day-to-day schedule, even to help you to make notes with handy features. It is not possible and practical to have a pen and paper every time to note down something. For replacing the pen and paper, your lovely companion is always there.

It is a smart phone application. fetch pattern, and make a checklist. If you have an iPhone, it’s possible to use the Apple Store. You can also use your handy and efficiently, as given below:

1. Evernote

It is one of the most elegant notes making apps for iOS devices. It was launched in 2013 when there were not many such options available for note-making. Its unique feature is its cross-platform configuration. It makes it possible to make a checklist or to-do list.


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15.01.2019 19:32

In the IT way of life, people try to be smart. In the same direction, it would take much time. But it's a smart way to do it. This smart way includes a voice-to-text transcription. IPhone text transcription app.

Here are the following:

1. Evernote

It is a list of different file formats. It doesn’t need to be an iPhone. Heck it up right next to the spacebar. By this, iOS device text. If you’ve done it, then you can press the “Done” option and stay awaited.  

2. Call Recording by NoNotes

While you are attending an important business call. If you are a sufferer of harassment. It can cover


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11.01.2019 21:47

Everyone knows that password security plays a vital role in our life. And that both iPhone and iPad can save the passwords for you. That implies you can watch them at a moment’s notice, which is highly convenient. But to know about the method of checking up on the password iOS has saved, you need to look below.

If you already have your iOS save your names and passwords, the next time whenever you need to enter them, the system shall advise you not only to not remember them but also you don’t have to manually type it. That’s a big thing because it means you’re more likely to utilize unique passwords, which as a result makes your account safer. If by chance, you are not using an entirely dedicated password manager, you at least should be using the system built into iOS.

I’m taking it a couple of months ago. So let's take a look at what you are missing.


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11.01.2019 21:29

It is a fact that it is the time of the day. For instance, while walking or having a bath. But it’s not a problem. To avoid this kind of mistake. Search for exact lyrics of any song.

  1. Using google

If you need to go ahead, go ahead and go back to Google.

  • If you’re getting it, then you’ll get it.
  1. Using  Genius.com

Genius.com  consists of a newly released music. It even says. Here, you can find for lyrics very easily.

  • Firstly, you need to write a song or even a singer.
  • After that, you will be able to see the lyrics of the webpage, as well as the song.
  • ...>>>

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08.01.2019 19:53

Whenever you updated the graphics card software or performed any actions on Windows 10 computer system, a message will pop-up on your screen and signifies that ‘Your Hardware Settings Have Changed Windows 10. Please reboot your computer for the changes to take effects.’ Generally, these types of issues occurred by AMD graphic card users. However, the reason behind this error was the updates which are released by the AMD for their graphics card driver users. Once the drivers were released, then the Windows 10 computer automatically updated all the video adapter drivers on the system due to which a message box popped up on your computer screen.

While some users are facing this issue again and again or they stumble with this issue because they started getting the same issue whenever they updated their Windows 10 operating system. Sometimes, this issue is quite irritating for the user. Therefore, this type of system settings changes error can


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