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15 мая 2019 г. 15:19

How to Evaluate Your VO2 Max for Cycling?

Competitive cyclists will use their VO2 max as a benchmark to gauge their survival capacity as well as the incorporate data into a training program. VO2 max processes the amount of oxygen the body and can absorb during intense and prolonged exercise. The higher your VO2 level, the better your vascular fitness. To evaluate your cycling VO2 max, you will need a bicycle equipped with a power meter. If wants more help you can also contact our Garmin Customer Support executive at any time.


Ride at a low intensity with a cadence of about 70 to 80 rpm for 10 minutes to loosen up your legs and to slightly elevate your heart and breathing rate. Next, far-reaching two 30 second sprints at whatever gear lets you reach 100 bpm. Recover for three minutes among each sprint. Finish your warm-up with a five-minute easy spin. Rest five minutes formerly and then start the field test.

Associating Results

The untrained athletes have a VO2 max for men and women. For example, the former champion cyclist scored a VO2 max of 92.5 with the current record holder.

Calculating VO2 Max

Multiply the average wattage from the field test and then divide that number by your weight in kilograms.

Field Test

Pedal for 20 minutes at a maximum sustainable effort. Monitor your power meter to stay at a reliable intensity and gradually increase your wattage during the first three minutes until you feel you have reached a power output that you can maintain for the duration of the test.

Aim for a wattage that is close to high-intensity races or rides. While the level ground is hills, the ideal can be used as long as you can maintain the intensity on the downhill portions. You may need attempts at the field test in order to determine a steady pace. Wait for two or three days between tests to allow your body time to adequately recover. Once the field testing is over, you can ride for 15 minutes at an easy pace as a warm-down.


VO2 max testing is typically undertaken by athletes who are looking to improve their riding performance by using the data to design their training program.

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