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15 марта 2019 г. 05:36

Heroes with the Storm released a significant patch soon

Heroes with the Storm released a significant patch soon, tweaking the upcoming Towers of Doom game mode and rebalancing several heroes. The patch includes sweeping changes to how stats scale when you level up, increases to respawn time for characters of level 10 and POE Chaos Orb below, and replay files should stop made incompatible by future patches.
The update comes with new hero Cho’Gall, a two-headed Horde ogre in the Warcraft universe. Cho’Gall may be the first character being controlled by two separate players, with one player using each head. Whoever’s manipulating the head named Cho is in charge of moving POE Exalted Orb the character and contains four abilities to activate, including a Rune Bomb ability that throws a magic ball at enemies. The player in command of Gall can detonate the Rune Bomb for the burst of area-effect damage and has now several of his personal damage-dealing spells.

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