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13 марта 2019 г. 05:23

Transitioning and translating

As chances are you'll recall, POE is going to Xbox One. One benefit of launching using a different platform regarding Microsoft is always that Xbox fans seem to have a huge PC gaming crowd. Many knew in the title and were happy because of its release announcement. Xbox fansites have apparently “come out on the woodworks” to cover the sport’s pre-beta news since it had been POE Orbs announced. Being liberated to play and viewed as mostly selling cosmetics really may seem to attract the Xbox fans.
However, GGG knows you will discover some cultural differences between PC and console gamers. For example, PC gamers can obviously just tab out and google what they have to want to look but, but that’s more difficult for any console player, so the group is trying to feature ways for folks to research information in-game without having to stepped on to their PC or turn on their cellular phone.
All consoles aren’t created Buy POE Orbs equally, though, so PS4 owners, don’t get excited yet, as Grinding Gears mentions it’s been simpler to work with Microsoft, which (obviously) has more knowledge about PC developers since it is one itself. It’s not out with the question, but GGG is hoping to focus for the green console first.

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