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12 марта 2019 г. 05:39

Path of Exile about the unstoppable monsters that almost caused it to be into th

Here’s an intriguing peek into game development on the pens of Grinding Gear Games. The studio shared an account about certainly one of Path of Exiles’ failed experiments from the spirit of enlightening players as on the choices and consequences that ambitious ideas create.
The story showcased concerns a monster POE Currency devised for Act Three referred to as City Stalkers (later changed to The Undying). These were practically invincible undead mobs that dwelled solely from the shadows of buildings and couldn’t be killed until later inside act when players found its own support gem that will disable the mobs’ regeneration.
While the thought was cool, the implementation mentioned numerous issues. The devs stated that the lethal encounters were “too aggressive” considering permadeath modes, how the mobs could possibly be kited to your edge of sunlight, the revolutionary gem would damage Buy POE Currency players’ builds, plus much more.
“We found this idea really compelling because we liked to test out extreme ideas. We wanted Path of Exile for being brutal, and took every chance to achieve that. Unfortunately, there have been many problems together with the above plan, which look obvious with hindsight and experience,” Grinding Gear said.

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