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7 марта 2019 г. 06:27

Along with new updates to Betrayal's syndicate gameplay

Along with new updates to Betrayal's syndicate gameplay, which are going to be rolled in to the main campaign, another expansion also rebalances a volume of combat skills and spells inside the main game. However,  the principle conceit of Synthesis will be the larger pursuit to help the modern NPC Cavas restore his lost memories. Scattered throughout the world are secret portals that open inside the pathway to Cavas' memories. Upon  entering, you'll explore a miniature world stuffed with dangerous monsters and POE Currency valuable loot. Once you attain the finish, you'll buy a Memory Fragment.
Eventually, it is possible to take these fragments to your Memory Nexus, Cavas' base of operations. Fragments will then be used to complete spaces for the Memory Map, an ethereal space where new memories form a  continuous list of mini-dungeons to explore within the map. If you're able to finish a full sequence, you'll acquire special loot and rewards from Cavas. However, the memories may ultimately decay, making  them unstable, causing some strange effects while inside the memory. Once fully decayed, they shall be wiped on the map.
In addition towards the new gameplay loop together with the Memory Map, one with the more substantial changes being released in Synthesis would be the rebalancing with Path of Exile Currency the spell system. Wilson stressed that it was essentially the most difficult  part on the expansion, that has been also a good time coming.
"It's besides numerical values we're adjusting around the spells, we're sort of fundamentally altering the way they work," said Wilson. "There's about 40-ish caster spells are common augmentable with several  hundreds of support gems, plus compared towards the over 110 different skills it is possible to use likewise. They can proceed through all these different shapes and timings, being a meteor-spell for example. Having  them all balanced became a very difficult task for your team, therefore it needed many effort."

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