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29 мая 2019 г. 13:56, США Смотреть на карте

Simple Damage Tracker can drastically improve the HUD of Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment lately launched their entry in the genre of battle royale on February 4 that is shortly followed by the global release of Season 1 for the entire game which brought a numerous number of badges for players to grate for.

While quite a huge number of players have basically been landing in the Canyon of King hoping to claim the badges of ever more difficult, there could be a possible way to improve how all the players earn the rewards that are coveted in-game.

In a post of Reddit, user Dr. Octet found a luminous yet quite a simple way of shifting up the HUD in Apex Legends game to show how much amount of damage the player has basically dealt in the match they are actually in.

The whole concept would show a very small target with a counter that is life right next to it that would basically increase to reflect the whole amount of damage that is been racked up so distant in the match.

The idea would be quite a simple change to apply to see as the counter of the damage would only be swapped with the pointer that tells someone basically how many players are actually watching them.

Some articulated their concerns with the thought, citing that a feature quite a similar to the concept exists by setting up the damage as a tracker, then going to the screen of the squad to get all the live updates. While it is not quite a bad way to go about it, Dr. Octet had a few cramps with that particular route.

Yeah, but there are four particular constraints, to that usual method of checking the entire damage, Dr. Octet said. Firstly, these trackers are not usually free. Secondly, it needs having in mind the number of damage that is caused previously and makes various calculations. Third, it would have to give up a slot tracker for the damage that has been caused, maybe that which we prefer to view various other trackers in our banner. Fourth, it usually takes two particular clicks to access the banners of the squad + the time of final loading. This is quite not ergonomic, said Dr. Octet.

John Woods is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. He writes for McAfee products at  www.mcafee.com/activate  or  mcafee.com/activate .

Source- https://ca-mcafee.com/blog/simple-damage-tracker-can-drastically-improve-the-hud-of-apex-legends/

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