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25 мая 2019 г. 09:31, США Смотреть на карте

How to Troubleshoot McAfee Error ee0f0001?

Runtime Errors in a device while Installation, Activation etc. of software can be caused by any of the factors like errors related to incomplete or improper Installation, missing files, corrupt downloads, etc. To troubleshoot each of the possible causes is the best approach to resolve these types of errors.

Causes of Error ee0f0001

An error can persist anytime while downloading, installing or uninstalling etc. of McAfee antivirus software or when the antivirus is being run. These errors can cause your device to behave in a sudden way like your running program window might crash; Windows can shut down unexpectedly; etc. Error ee0f0001 in McAfee Antivirus appears with the following causes

  • The active program window crashes every time.
  • Synchronize Endpoint Encryption Password with Windows is appeared on your screen.
  • Windows responds slowly to any activity and runs reboots or sluggishly on its own.
  • Your device frequently crashes with the same Error ee0f0001 when trying to run the same program.
  • The device frequently freezes at periodic intervals.

Steps to Fix McAfee error ee0f0001:

  • Restart the device and then check whether the username is enabled or not.
  • If not then log in to the ePO console using your username and password.
  • You need to edit the policy now, which already exists or create a new policy under the Endpoint Encryption tab.
  • Now select the Log On policy tab and then enable the Must match username option.
  • You are now required to save the changes by clicking the Save.
  • Now in order to apply the policy changes you need to send an Agent wakeup or wait for the next to take place.

You can try the above-given steps to troubleshoot McAfee error ee0f0001 or try uninstalling the McAfee Endpoint Encryption on your device. If you still face any issue then you can contact our McAfee customer support team for further assistance.

Kaylee Smith is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games,internet and new media. He writes for mcafee products at mcafee.com/activate or www.mcafee.com/activate . 

Source- https://us-mcafeecomactivate.com/blog/how-to-troubleshoot-mcafee-error-ee0f0001/

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