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12 марта 2019 г. 07:57

Grinding wheels made of diamond grains

A standard cutting tool comprises a steel shank having ybrazed thereon a tip of tungsten or cther carbide cemented with cobalt or other suitable metal bond. Grinding wheels made of diamond grains bonded with resinoid or metal have been well adapted for grinding the cemented carbide tip, .but the use ofthe expensive diamond wheel for grinding the steel shank is not ordinarily recommended. If it is attempted to grind both the carbide tip and the steel shank at the same time, it is found that the steel slows down the cutting action to an appreciable extent and thus interferes with the operation of resharpening or shaping the carbide tip. Hence, the standard practice has been to grind the\steel shank initially by means of a grinding wheel or vitried bonded crystalline alumina or silicon carbide abrasive for the purpose of cutting away or backing off the steel shank at an angle of or relative to the adjacent tip surface so that the shank will not interfere with the subsequent step of sharpening the carbide tip. Fast grinding wheel for stainless steel is a good opportunity. The carbide tip is then ground by means of a bonded diamond grinding wheel. This ,double operation requires the use of two wheels and a considerable waste of time.



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