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21.03.2019 11:45

Over 30 million tons of such coated steel is produced today in over 300 coating lines just in Boxing which is a little county in North of China. PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil factory price is low in China.

The coil coating process may be used for other substrates such as aluminium, or aluminium, stainless steel or alloy coated steel other than "pure" zinc coated steel. However, only "pure" zinc coated steel is typically referred to as PPGI. For example, PPGL may be used for pre-painted 55%Al/Zn alloy-coated steel (pre-painted GALVALUME(r) steel*)

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21.03.2019 10:16

PPGI is pre-painted galvanised iron, also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc., typically with a hot dip zinc coated steel substrate. High quality PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil is usually produced in China.

The term is an extension of GI which is a traditional abbreviation for Galvanized Iron. Today the term GI typically refers to essentially pure zinc (>99%) continuously hot dip coated steel, as opposed to batch dip processes. PPGI refers to factory pre-painted zinc coated steel, where the steel is painted before forming, as opposed to post painting which occurs after forming.

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21.03.2019 08:38

PPGI is prepainted galvanised steel, also known as precoated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc. China prepainted galvanized steel coil factory is all over the world. A galvanised steel sheet in coil form is cleaned, pretreated, applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl dispersions, or laminates.These coatings are applied in a continuous process known as Coil Coating.

The steel thus produced in this process is a prepainted, prefinished ready to use material. PPGI is the material which uses galvanised steel as the basic substrate metal. There could be other substrates such as aluminum, Galvalume, stainless steel, etc.

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20.03.2019 13:28

Roof sheets are manufactured from a range of materials, each known for their varying properties and application on different roofs. Low price color corrugated steel sheet are most in China now. Choosing the right roof sheet can increase the longevity and the durability of your roof. Plastic and metal are the two most common types of roof sheet but bitumen, polystyrene and fibre cement are also options.

Plastic roof sheets include polycarbonate roof sheets, acrylic roof sheets, polystyrene roof sheets, and PVC roof sheets. Metal roof sheets are usually made from steel or zinc and are often coated in acrylic or stone granules depending on whether the manufacturer is trying to achieve a smooth or a textured finish.

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20.03.2019 12:09

Corrugated steel sheet has light weight, high strength, rich in colors, quick and easy construction, anti-earthquake, anti-fire and anti-rain, long life, maintenance free and other characteristics. China prepainted galvanized steel coil factory produces high quality products with many features. Many of types for corrugated sheet shape beautiful novel, flexible combination, etc.It also has light weight, high strength and good performance of anti-water and earthquake.

Corrugated metal sheet is easy installation and construction, such as curved sheets, so shorten the period. Otherwise, there are also many of this corrugated sheets formed by PVC or PE. PVC corrugated sheet can adapt to the requirements of various architectural modeling.

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19.03.2019 11:48

The corrosion resistance increases with the increase of the coating thickness layer. This can be decided based on the corrosivity in service environment, service time, durability and so on. High quality prepainted color galvanized coil will decrease the corrosion. For example, the corrosion rate of the product accelerates in industrial zone or coastal region due to sulfur dioxide gas or salinity in the air. And accordingly, the service time will be impacted.

Different bottom paint have different adhesive force, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Suppliers select bottom paint based on production process, application, corrosivity in service environment, matching relation with finishing coat.

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19.03.2019 04:56

a. Keep the color coated steel sheet far from water and sunshine .It is advisable to store them indoors. 

b. Should the color coated steel sheet be rained or dewing, please dry them as soon as possible so as to remove humidity. 

c. Keep the inventory as the same as it shipped from factory, do not stock as piles so as to protect the coating layer.

d. It is strongly recommended to consume the steel sheet that comes into the inventory earlier. Otherwise, pollution, scratch and color aberration may arise as steel sheet produced at different date mixed together. 

e. Transport the steel sheet as it shipped out of factory. Releasing the cushion and reversing the package


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18.03.2019 11:22

The pre-painted product can be purchased in coils or cut in slitters, sheets and blanks. The substrate can be galvanized, Galvalume or cold rolled. The product is available in various colors, always looking forward to cover the needs of our customers. High quality prepainted color galvanized coil has many advantages.

High quality prepainted color galvanized coil offers a number of advantages, including convenience and durability, according to the needs of each segment. Adding value to the product, the paint gives an excellent surface finish to the steel, ensuring formability, bringing longer life, quality, aesthetics and reliability.

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18.03.2019 09:50

Pre-painted steel is produced with the coil coating technology, which provides superior performance to the material as a result of the excellent pre-treatment process before painting and uniformity of the applied layer (primer and top coat). Prepainted color galvanized coil price is increasing due to high cost of technology.

In this process, the material is given a pre-treatment which includes full cleaning and the application of a sealant, ensuring the perfect adhesion of the paint to the steel and corrosion protection. Then, an accurately controlled application of primers and finish coats as well as decorative laminates and protective films provide high quality to product.

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15.03.2019 07:37

Cheap PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil is produced most in China. The hot dip metallic coating process is also used to manufacture steel sheet and coil with coatings of aluminium, or alloy coatings of zinc/aluminium, zinc/iron and zinc/aluminium/magnesium which may also be factory pre-painted. While GI may sometimes be used as a collective term for various hot dip metallic coated steels, it more precisely refers only to zinc coated steel. Similarly, PPGI may sometimes be used as a general term for a range of metallic coated steels that have been pre-painted, but more often refers more precisely to pre-painted zinc coated steel.

The steel thus produced in this process is a prepainted, prefinished and ready for further processing into finished products or components. to use material.

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