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22 сентября 2020 г. 05:56

in Newport Short addition to style

On the cornerstone of retaining the Hongtashan Chinese model of flue-cured smoking cigarettes, a new means of sweetening is usually adopted. At the same time of sweetening this lips, the fruits extract is used to help soften this smoke in addition to mellow this taste, so that you can make this tobacco odor more loaded and USA Cigarettes Store whole.

Hongtashan Typical 100


With through 24 months of healthy alcoholize yuxi excellent fine smoking cigarettes main recycleables, combining regions of tobacco preference quality attributes of unique styles, replace each different, foil 1 another, through this adoption on the "four small" solution technology, sensible spiced receiving technology, scientific technology, a superb "" several paper scientific tests technology like compatibility technological know-how integrated, largely reflect this natural smoking cigarettes incense, identify the qing odor of hongta cigarette smoking nature, along Cheap Newport 100s with the product model, has tasteful fragrance, in addition to taste in Newport Short addition to style.

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