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3 января  2022 г. 12:11

Isn’t it better to eat as expens...

Registered "497" Zhou Yongyuan pointed out that the choice of cooking oil should not be too single, every time you need a cooking oil, you can try another one!

Garbo said to buy cooking oil, so I went to a nearby Japanese supermarket with her. She said, “I haven’t bought cooking oil for at least one or two years. There is less discount. If you buy a few toothpastes, you will get a pack of rice, a box of soda, and instant noodles. The two major corn oils in the house are given by "buy toothpaste", so I don't have to buy oil. She continued, "Of course it doesn't matter as a gift, but if I buy it myself, I will definitely not choose corn oil. This glass bottle of olive oil looks much more noble!"

Different cooking oils have their own advantages

I laughed at her: "Then let's go directly to the 米糠油 department of the department store, choose the glass bottle you like, and then pour corn oil into it."

Garbo widened his eyes and said, "I thought you would ask me to buy olive oil, rice bran oil or because of grape seed oil."

From a nutritional point of view, each oil has different proportions of fatty acids, which are simply divided into "monounsaturated fats", "polyunsaturated fats" and "saturated fats", tallow, lard, coconut oil, palm oil, etc. Containing a large amount of saturated fat will increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and affect the health of the heart and blood vessels. On the contrary, most vegetable oils, such as canola oil, corn oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, etc., mainly contain unsaturated fats, so they are all Healthy choices.

The advantage of olive oil is that its "unsaturated fat" content is as high as 75%, which can be regarded as the highest among all oils. It reduces bad cholesterol while maintaining good cholesterol levels. However, the saturated fat content of olive oil is Slightly higher than canola oil, grape seed oil, etc.; therefore, no oil is actually the best. The correct choice of cooking oil depends on its use.

Virgin olive oil is squeezed by cold pressing, without heat treatment, it is contained in opaque glass to avoid deterioration due to sunlight or oxidation; its smoke point is low, about 160°C, and it will easily be exposed to high temperatures. Smoke grabs fire and even releases harmful carcinogens, so it cannot be used for high-temperature cooking. It is only suitable for cold dishes such as salads or sauces.

The olive oil is processed and refined at high temperature to reduce the green and astringent taste of olives, and the color becomes lighter. Its smoke point is higher, about 230°C. It is suitable for daily frying and boiling and other cooking methods; pay attention to "pure" or The word "pure" just means that it is made from 100% olives, and does not mean high-grade or high-quality; Light means lighter taste, not low-fat or low-calorie meaning. Canola oil, corn oil, peanut oil, etc. have a smoke point of about 200-230°C, and grape seed oil and rice bran oil have a smoke point of 230°C, so they can all be used for daily frying.

Garbo lowered the olive oil in his hand and said, “I’ll leave it to the next time we buy toothpaste to give corn oil, so we don’t need to buy oil.” In fact, the choice of cooking oil should not be too single. A stick of cooking oil, you can try another one!

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