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15 декабря 2021 г. 12:07

Learn to take good care of your ...

Scar healing is a very, very slow process. To shorten this time, it is important to know 去印膏 how to prevent scar growth at an early stage, rather than waiting until the scar appears and thinking it is ugly and affecting your life.

Depending on the severity of the scar, the healing time varies from wound to wound.

The factors that influence this are as follows

1. Each person's body type is different and the absorption of the treatment is also different. 

2. if you cannot stop the scar from forming after the scab is completely removed, you will have a longer recovery period.

To understand scar healing, you must first understand wound healing:

The average wound healing time is about 1-2 weeks, and may be longer. The main reasons for this are the type of wound, the patient's physical condition, and adherence to treatment.

The scar is not difficult to repair, but it is important to start with the wound.

After discharge from the hospital, wash with saline and sterile iodine;

After removal of the stitches, the width of the scar should be controlled by reducing the adhesions, and any exudate should be cleaned with saline and disinfected with iodine;

3. When the scab is completely removed, it is recommended to use silicone scar paste or scar removal cream.

The scar removal cream is more convenient for small area wounds (after double eyelid surgery, mole).

The scar cream is more convenient to use on small wounds (after double eyelid surgery, mole), while the scar paste can be used on longer wounds on the limbs and joints to better protect against UV rays and reduce pigmentation, and it can be reused after washing to reduce the cost of scar removal.

Finally, add moisturizing products (aloe vera gel) to keep the scars perfectly moisturized ~

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